Brian Lucey is a guitarist, singer and pianist who became a tracking engineer, mixing engineer, producer ... and is the mastering engineer on a number of Grammy-winning and multi-platinum releases. Originally from Columbus, Ohio ... he currently lives in Los Angeles.


Modified solid state and new old stock tube gear in a short analog path fill a single desk of remarkable power. Room and monitoring have been tweaked over the years but remain essentially the same concept. Speakers from an immensely clever German designer, made by Immedia in Berkeley, California.


Located on a street with artists of all genres in Atwater Village, the Los Angeles room is a new concept in mastering design. The freestanding walls treat mid and high frequencies, while the low end is allowed to escape into the three story, open floor plan, concrete structure. This provides great low end clarity, and gives a more human connection to the outside world. Mastering is about connection, and this design gives something to the work the "windowless cave" mastering room can not.




The Black Keys - Brothers "This one got me noticed. I knew it was timeless, but was pleased how it took off all over the world. Mark Neill Tracking, Tchad Blake Mixing."

The Black Keys - El Camino "The follow up to a timeless breakthrough record is a challenge and this one succeeded with ten bangers. A more aggressive mastering sound compliments the mixes, the material and that unique moment in their career."

Dr John - Locked Down "The freshness and talent of all the artists involved shines through. Mac is a master and this record combines his real life stories with the sounds of the 60s era Gris-Gris and Babylon."

The Arctic Monkeys - AM "Tchad Blake again mixing here, AM has riffs from Josh Homme and a vibe from AM that is sure to do some damage in the coming year."

Beck - I Won't Be Long "Beck is not releasing a lot lately but it was cool to work on this track mixed by Cassidy Turbin"

Sigur Ros "I've pre-mastered the last two 12" singles for Sigur Ros, and Chris Bellman has cut them using the backwards groove technique. Painterly records of great texture."

Newsted - Heavy Metal Music "Was fun to do the new metal record from Jason Newsted and his new band. Honesty and integrity in a timeless style. The vinyl is super cool."

David Lynch - The Big Dream "I've done the last two records for David as well as a number of records he's produced for others. Mixed by Dean Hurley."

David Lynch
Crazy Clown Time


Loud Is The Night

The Shins
Port of Morrow

Ryan Bingham

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Between The Ditches

Leave It All Behind

The Growl
What Would Christ Do

Hanni El Khatib
Head In The Dirt

The Olms
The Olms

The Sheepdogs
The Sheepdogs

Keaton Henson

JEFF the Brotherhood
Hypnotic Nights

Yellow Red Sparks
Yellow Red Sparks

Jessica Lea Mayfield
Tell Me


Cadillac Sky
Letters In The Deep

Counting Crows
Echoes Of The Outlaw Roadshow


Live on Red Rocks

Royal Bangs

Dr. Dog

The David Mayfield Parade
Good Man Down


Hadden Sayers
Rolling Soul